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Abbott Freestyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose Ketone Monitoring System


  • Fast and accurate blood glucose testing
  • No coding required, very minimum blood sample
  • Blood glucose trend indicators
  • Insulin dose guide: Stores and displays the insulin dose guidance.
  • Memory storage of 1000 Results
  • Ultra-thin and lightweight to fit in your pocket
  • Large, high contrast, easy to use press screen display
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Unboxing video of Freestyle optium Neo Glucometer

SPECIFICATIONS OF Abbott Freestyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose Ketone Monitoring System & PRICE IN PAKISTAN

Assay method Amperometry
Automatic shutoff At least two minutes of inactivity
Battery life Up to 3000 tests
Measurement range For blood glucose testing 20-500 mg/dL For blood ketone testing 0.0-8.0 mmol/L
Memory Up to 1000 events, including blood glucose, blood ketone, and control solution results, insulin doses, and other meter information
Minimum computer requirements System must only be used with EN60950-1 rated computers. Use a USB certified cable
Operating relative humidity 10% to 90% (non-condensing)
Operating temperature Meter: 10 C to 50 C (50 F to 122 "F) System: See test strip instructions for use
Power source Two CR 2032 lithium (coin cell) batteries
Size 5.97 cm (w) x 8.68 cm (1) x 0.87 cm (d) 2.35 in (w) x 3.42 in (1) x 0.34 in (d)
Storage temperature : -20 C to 60C (-4 F to 140 F)
Weight 33 g to 37 g (1.2 oz. to 1.3 oz.) including batteries

Benefits of Freestyle Optium Neo Blood Glucose Ketone Monitoring System

  1. Guides you in taking a more active role in managing your blood glucose trends
  2. Helps you stay on track with your prescribed insulin regimen
  3. Stores both insulin doses and blood glucose results so you can see how your glucose levels are affected by the insulin you take

When to check your Ketone on Freestyle Optium Neo Meter?

  • When you have an illness
  • When your blood glucose is above 240 mg/dL
  • When you and your healthcare professional feel it is necessary

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