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Body Massager Machine Lifecare LC-900 Electric – Massager for pain relief


  • Best Multifunctional Handheld New generation full body Massager
  • Innovative slim design, easy to carry
  • Relaxes your muscle & Relieve Body pain.
  • High Frequency Vibration: it vibrates up and down while doing massage, so it produces a feeling similar to manual massage.
  • Very suitable to use in the Waist, Shoulder, Arm, buttocks, Thigh,  Calf, Abdomen and so on
  • Different massage methods with 8 different massager heads
  • Adjustable vibration speed are specially designed to play a role in deep massage, decompose and consume fat.


SPECIFICATIONS OF Body Massager Machine Lifecare LC-900 Electric

Model: Handheld Body Massager Lifecare LC-900
Material: ABS
Massage area: Fully Body
Rated Power: 28W
Power supply: AC 220v
Net Weight: 1 kg

8 Multiple Massage Heads for different functions

  1. Flat massage head: Decompression massage, weight-loss massage for face, abdominal
  2. Wavy massage head: Acupuncture points and deep tissue massage
  3. Ball massage head: can be used with essential oil as you like
  4. Tai chi massage head: imitation of tai chi, kneading ups and downs
  5. Micro filer massage head: Remove calluses and dry skin for feet. (Notice: Do not use mesh cover when micro filer message head is attached.)
  6. Roller massage head: Large area smooth rolling massage
  7. Double wheel massage head: 3 groups of double wheel can flexible rolling kneading massage
  8. Angle roller massage head: each group of wheels by monolithic activity triangle combination, shiatsu massage (Notice: Do not use mesh cover when roller message head, double wheel massage head or angle roller massage head is attached, and these 3 kinds massage heads will have normally mechanical operation noise when the device work.)
  9. Mesh cover: Prevent hair involved in machines, protect hair safety.

HOW TO USE Body Massager Machine Lifecare LC-900

  1. Connect the plug to a wall electrical outlet
  2. Press the Power Button, turn on the device, it is working. The default Mode is
  3. Press the Mode Button to change the mode according your requirement, 5 mode(P1, P2, P3,P4 P5) for choice.
  4. Press the Strength Button to adjust the speed according your requirement, the default strength is L3. 6 level of speed (L1,L2,L3, L4, L5,L6) for choice.
  5. For the first time to use better with a lower massage speed, gradually increase the speed after adaption.
  6. To keep the massager in best using condition, it is suggested to use no more than 15 minutes each time, it will auto off when working continuously for 15 minutes.
  7. After usage, turn off the power, and unplug it. 8. For the first time to use better not massage directly on skin, do it after adaption. 9. Massage speed should be moderate, not too fast, move the device back and forth.

Video of Body Massager Machine Lifecare LC-900

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