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Freestyle Libre Glucose Monitoring System- Why Prick when you scan


FreeStyle Libre System is a revolutionary glucose monitoring device. It consists of Freestyle Reader + Freestyle sensor. Say Goodbye to finger pricking and say hello to the Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system.

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Freestyle Libre System

Freestyle Reader + Freestyle Sensor


What is continuous glucose monitoring? (CGM)

CGM provides real-time glucose readings throughout the day and night.* Small, wearable CGM devices replace the fingersticks†‡ of traditional blood glucose testing.

On this page, we’ll dive into how CGM works, the benefits it provides, and a bit about the #1 CGM brand worldwide.

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How CGM works

Libre Sensor

1. Sensor is applied

data collected

2. Data is collected

Meter Reading

3. Scan using a reader or smartphone

Most CGM sensors are tiny self-applied devices that sit partially beneath the skin.1 They come with an inserter and have built-in adhesive to help them stick to your skin.

The sensor measures glucose levels at regular intervals and stores the readings.

A handheld reader allows you to scan the glucose sensor to collect your information. You may be able to use a smartphone appǁ so that you don’t have to carry around an extra device.

Glucose readings without fingersticks

Rather than taking glucose readings from your blood, CGM sensor readings are taken from interstitial fluid, a thin layer of fluid that surrounds the tissue cells below your skin. As carbohydrates are digested, glucose enters your bloodstream before it is absorbed into the interstitial fluid.

See trends and patterns to help better manage diabetes

CGM gives you a view of your glucose levels over time; it can help you keep track of past glucose levels and provide insights into future trends

Discover the FreeStyle Libre  system

Libre Alarm

Now with optional, real-time glucose alarms# that notify you if you go too low or too high

sensor 14 days

Unsurpassed 14-day accuracy4 for adults and children

scan and Go

Easily check your glucose levels with a painless one second scan instead of a fingerstick

How to use the FreeStyle Libre  system

Simply scan to get insights about your glucose levels

Use your FreeStyle Libre 2 system or FreeStyle Libre 14 day system to test your glucose levels with a simple scan1 wherever* and whenever† you need to. When you scan your sensor you’ll see a:

  • Current reading of your glucose levels
  • Glucose trend arrow that helps you see if your glucose levels are normal, on the rise, or dropping
  • Graph showing 8 hours of glucose history
How to use freestyle libre

How to use the FreeStyle Libre  system

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