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Nebulizer Medisign Bravo


  • Best Quality product
  • Efficient respiratory therapy
  • Ideal for adult & pediatric use.
  • Low Noise Operation.
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for both Adult & Pediatric use
    Two Years Warranty


Product cautions:

1. To avoid electrical shock: Keep the unit away from water Do not immerse the power cord or the unit in liquid Do not use while bathing Do not reach for a unit that has fallen into water immediately unplug the unit.
2. Never operate the unit if it has any damaged parts (including power cord), if it has been dropped or submersed in water. Promptly send it to a service center for examination and repair.
3. The unit should not be used where flammable gas, oxygen or aerosol spray products are being used.
4. Keep the air vents open. Do not place the unit on a soft surface where the openings can be blocked.
5. If the medicine cup is empty, do not attempt to operatethe unit.
6. If any adnormality occurs, discontinue use until the unit has been examined and repaired.
7. The unit should not be left unattended while plugged in.
8. Do not tilt or shake the unit when in operation.
9. Disconnect the unit from the electrical outlet before cleaning, filling and after each use.
10. Do not use other attachments unless recommended by manufacturer.


Power AC 230V/50HZ
Current 0.8A
Medication Capacity 8 ml
Particle Size 055?m more than 60%
Sound Level ?65 dB(A) (1 meter away)
Average Nebulization Rate 20.25mL/min (0.9% saline water)
Compressor Pressure Range 22-58psi (270-350kPa)
Operating Pressure Range 9.5-19psi (70-140 kPa)
Liter Flow Range 6.7L/Min
Operating Temperature Range 10C~40C (50F~ 104F)
Operating Humidity Range 10%~95% RH
Storage Temperature Range -25C~70C (-13F to 158F)
Dimension 280x210x100mm
Weight 1.47kg
Standard Accessories Nebulizer, Air Tube, Adult Mask, Child's Mask Mouthpiece, Filters (5)

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Weight 1.47 kg

Blue, White


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