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Best Digital Blood Pressure Machine Certeza BM-450


  • Compact & Sleek Design with Easy-Read Display
  • Voice Function for Hands-Free Results
  • Faster Readings with Cuff Inflation Measurement
  • Universal Cuff Fits Most Arms (22-40cm)
  • Dual Power Options: USB & Batteries
  • Movement Error & Irregular Heartbeat Detection
  • Know Your Risk: Hypertension Indicator
  • Tracks Progress: Average Value & Memory for 2 Users (240 readings each)


Take Control of Your Heart Health with the Certeza BM-450: Your All-in-One Blood Pressure Monitoring Solution!

The Best Digital Blood Pressure Machine Certeza BM-450 is a feature-rich digital blood pressure monitor designed for ease of use and accuracy. Its compact and sleek design with a large, easy-to-read LED display makes monitoring your blood pressure a breeze. No more squinting at tiny numbers!

But the Best Digital Blood Pressure Machine Certeza BM-450 goes beyond just basic readings. It boasts a unique voice function, allowing you to hear your readings announced clearly. Plus, it takes faster readings with cuff inflation measurement, saving you valuable time.

Here's what makes the Best Digital Blood Pressure Machine Certeza BM-450 truly stand out:

  • Voice Function & Faster Readings: Hear your results and get quicker readings, all thanks to innovative technology.
  • Universal Cuff & Dual Power: The Best Digital Blood Pressure Machine Certeza BM-450 fits most arms comfortably (22-40cm) and offers the flexibility of USB or battery power.
  • Advanced Monitoring Features: Stay informed with movement error and irregular heartbeat detection, hypertension risk indicator, and memory for two users, tracking up to 240 readings each.

Take charge of your heart health. Order your Certeza BM-450 today!

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Digital Blood Pressure Machine Certeza 450 for home use

Specifications of Best Digital Blood Pressure Machine Certeza BM-450

Properties Details
Model: BM-450
Weight: 256g (Batteries and AC adapter are not included)
Display: 62.5^ * 63.5mm LED Digital Display
Size: 118 (W) * 110 (L) * 52 (H) mm
Operating Conditions: Temperature: 5C to 400 Humidity 15% 30% 4
Storage And Shipping Conditions: Temperature: -250 D + 7DC Humidity's 93% RH
Atmospheric pressure range: 70 kPa-105 kPa
Measuring method: Oscillometric
Pressure sensor: Resistive
Measuring range: DIA: 40-130mmHg. SYS: 60-230mmHg
Pulse: 40 to 170 per minute
Cuff pressure display range: <300mmHg
Memory: Automatically stores the last 120 measurements for 2 users (total 240)
Accuracy: Pressure within plus/minus 3 mmHq / pulse 5% of the reading
Power source: a) 3*AA batteries, 1.5 V b) AC adapter INPUT: 100-240VAC 50/60HZ OUTPUT: 5V DC 1A
Automatically power off: 60 seconds
Users: Adult
Accessories: 1 x Main Device, 1 x Cuff, 1 x Users manual

How to Use the Certeza BM-450 Digital Blood Pressure Machine

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Certeza Digital Blood Pressure Machine BM-450
Total Time Needed: 5 minutes

Required Tools:

- Digital Cuff
- Certeza BM-45 Main Unit
- AA battery cells or USB Type C cable

Things Needed?

- Main Unit
- Alkaline Cells
- Digital Cuff

Using Certeza Blood Pressure Monitor for the first time:

Step 1 : Battery Installation
  1. Press the hook on the bottom of the battery cover. lift the cover off.
  2. Install 3 "AA" size batteries and make sure the + (positive) and - (negative) polarities match the polarities of the battery compartment, then close the battery
Before Measurement
  • Avoid eating and smoking as well as all forms of exertion directly before measurement. These factors influence the measurement result. Find time to relax by sitting in an armchair in a quiet atmosphere for about ten minutes before taking a measurement.
  • Remove any garment that fits closely to your upper arm.
  • Always measure on the same arm (normally left)
Certeza Digital Blood Pressure Machine BM-450 - step1 - Battery Installation
Step 2 : Fitting the Cuff
  1. Wrap the cuff around your upper left arm. The rubber tube should be on the inside of your arm extending downward to your hand. Make certain the cuff lies approximately 2 to 3 cm above the elbow. Important! The on the edge of the cuff (Artery Mark) must lie over the artery which runs down the inner side of the arm.
  2. To secure the cuff, wrap it around your arm and press the hook and loop closure together.
  3. There should be little free space between your arm and the cuff. You should be able to fit 2 fingers between your arm and the cuff. Cuffs that don't fit properly result in false measurement values. Measure your arm circumference if you are not sure of proper fit.
  4. Lay your arm on a table (palm upward) so the cuff is at the same height as your heart.
Certeza Digital Blood Pressure Machine BM-450 - step2 - Fitting the cuff
Step 3 : Measuring Procedure
  1. Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.
  2. Select your User ID (A or B).
  3. Stretch your arm forward on the desk and keep relaxing, make sure the palm of hand is upturned. Make sure arm is in correct position, to avoid body movement. Sit still and do not talk or move during the measurement.
After the cuff has been appropriately positioned on the arm and connected to the blood pressure monitor, the measurement can begin:
  • Press the START/STOP button. The pump begins to inflate the cuff. In the display, the increasing cuff pressure is continually displayed.
  • After automatically reaching an individual pressure, the pump stops and the pressure slowly falls. The cuff pressure is displayed during the measurement.
  • When the device has detected your pulse, the heart symbol in the display begins to blink.
  • When the measurement has been concluded, the measured systolic and blood pressure values, as well as the pulse will be displayed.
  • The measurement results are displayed until you switch the device off. If no button is pressed for 60 seconds, the device switches off automatically.
Certeza Digital Blood Pressure Machine BM-450 - step3 - Measuring Procedure

Finally! A Blood Pressure Monitor That Talks & Fits EVERYONE! Certeza BM-450 Unboxed video

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