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Medicare Nebulizer Machine for Adults and Infant Best Quality Dependable


  • Best Quality Piston Compressor Nebulizer Machine
  • Safe and Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • One Button Operation
  • Low noise Operation
  • Small Particle Size for easy absorption
  • High Quality Copper Motor which lasts long


Ditch Puffers & Breathe Easy! Medicare Covers This Whisper-Quiet Nebulizer (Tiny particles, BIG results!)

Tired of noisy, clunky machines? Introducing the best quality piston compressor  Medicare Nebulizer Machine covers! One-button operation makes it a breeze to use, even for shaky hands. Plus, its whisper-quiet motor won’t disturb naps. Safely deliver medication with ultra-fine particles for maximum absorption. Durable copper motor lasts for years, saving you money.

  • Ear-splitting noise: This whisper-quiet machine lets you breathe easy, day or night.
  • Giant space hog: Compact design fits neatly on your nightstand, no more tripping hazards!
  • Fiddly controls: One-button operation makes it a breeze for everyone, even grandma.
  • Less-than-stellar results: High-quality motor and tiny particle size ensure maximum medication absorption.
Nebulizer Machine Medicare with 1 year warranty in Pakistan
Nebulizer Machine Medicare

Specifications of Medicare Nebulizer Machine

Properties Details
Model: Medicare
Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz
Power: 130VA
Droplet particle (MMAD): 1 um to 5 um
Machine noise: <65dB
The average rate of spray: >= 0.2ml / min
The residual liquid: <0.7ml
Ambient temperature: Normal operating conditions:5 C ~ 40 C Transport and storage: 20^ C sim+ 55 C
Relative humidity: Normal operating conkitions: ?80% Transport and storage:?93%
Body Weight: About 1.6 KG
Package Size: L 304mm x W 168mm x H 200mm

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Feeling breathless? This is how to use Medicare Nebulizer Machine and it is your secret weapon for whisper-quiet relief!

Here's how to unlock its superpowers in just 4 simple steps:

Medicare Nebulizer Machine Top Quality nebulizer in Pakistan
Total Time Needed: 5 minutes

Required Tools:

- Compressor Nebulizer
- Nebulizer kit
- Medicine chamber

Things Needed?

- Medicare Nebulizer
- Connecting tube
- Medicine Chamber

How to use the Medicare Nebulizer?

Step 1 : Unleash the Power!
Plug in the machine and let its sleek design amaze you. Don't worry, this powerhouse is whisper-quiet
Medicare Nebulizer Machine -step1- switch on the nebulizer
Step 2 : Attach the Nebulizer Kit
Hold the Nebulizer Cup upright and firmly push the free end of the tubing straight up onto the Air Intake on the bottom of the Nebulizer Cup. Insert medicine into the cup according to physician prescription.
Medicare Nebulizer Machine -step2-attach the medicine cup
Step 3 : Get in Position! and activate medication
Sit back, relax, and gently place the mouthpiece between your lips. It's time for some deep breathing exercises!. Inhale the healing mist and feel it working its magic. Breathe easy, knowing you've just conquered your breathing troubles like a boss
Medicare Nebulizer Machine -step3-start inhaling medicine
Step 4 : Turn off the Nebulizer
When you have finished inhaling your medication, turn the nebulizer off.
Medicare Nebulizer Machine -step4-swithch off the nebulizer

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